Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A series of unforgettable event

Working on a Sunday is no one's wish but since I'm free and the pay is..reasonable...Why not? =)

A day as a car parking people..I earned almost £60. But the job was pretty tough and to the least expected. We had to stand outdoors for 8.5 hours, standing. 

No lunch was actually provided but I've got my ways to get to it. And hence I got a sandwich and a chocolate muffin! The other teams at other halls didn't get lunch..poor them..

My partner went up and get himself a sandwich too and I asked him to get me a cheese and onion Walkers.

And a series of unforgettable event happened.

Because I didn't want to eat the chips first, I left it on the road side together with my bottle water and the empty sandwich box. While I was directing traffic, I suddenly realized a crow making its way towards my food. I shooed it away and this happened for a few times.

At the peak time where I am directing traffic, the crow came back and eventually reached my chips. When I realized, I turned back and chased it but it flew right up, with my chips at its beak. It landed at a distance and swiftly peck my packet of chips!

Lols..I don't know whether to compliment to the bird or be angry with it.

Does crow have such a brilliant brain that it knows my packet of chips is unopened? I wonder.

The grass was very much nicer before the car trampled over. Poor ground. Poor soil.

At the end of the day, I am just relieved my work is over. Standing for so long makes me miss my bed even more.


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Josephine Wong said...'s rather hilarious a bird stole my chips!