Sunday, 12 September 2010

£6.50/hour for 17hours I'll say YES!

Money looks more surreal and important to me now that I'm earning them myself. Well, of course I wouldn't be able to support my living lifestyle here now with the amount I'm earning but still, something is better than nothing right? Daddy and Mummy would be proud. =D

It was a 2 days event and practically the second day was worse compared to the first.

Basically what goes on in my mind is as listed
1. When is it gonna end..TICK TOCK TICK TOCK
2. Hungry! Lunch and coffee pls..
3. Money money money come into my bank account

First day I was placed in Portland Building @ Students' Union in charge of mainly shuffling people in and out from the room. I was lucky to be indoors since the weather was a little tricky. 

Second day I was standing at The Downs and WTF the wind there tantamount to a hurricane. I was part lucky and part unlucky to be here because the sun's out nice and warm but the windy part was bad.

Beautiful right?

Ladybirds and mushrooms 

What's in a day without a cup of coffee


I would say it was good money and very well-earned.
That was my weekend. 


Anonymous said...

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Josephine Wong said...

Lols..thanks for the compliment! Do drop by whenever you've the time! :)