Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First work experience

is as an International Office volunteer for the postgraduate open day. It was not like any ordinary open day for universities where you know, like MidValley or PWTC, which you'll be squashed like orange, or friction-ing with the many people sweats.

It was..serene, and peaceful..and calm..and so...POSTGRADUATE..class (you know what I mean?)

All I did was, most of the time sitting on the chair playing with my phone and drinking coffee.

I have all flyers and booklets of prospectus lying in front of me which are...'cold'-selling. No one seems to be interested in studying overseas I suppose? Hm, UK itself is good enough. Why bother.

Because I have those ample time to indulge by myself, I can only...mingle with my do..

Drink coffee, eat shortcake oat biscuits, take pictures x million of times..

Coordinate (3,4) --> I have 6 packet of lunches!!

Kit Kats x6 , Sandwiches x6, water x6 , Walkers x6, Banana/Apple x6
How cool is that? And I still get paid :)
(Of course I not so thick face and thick skin got whallap all 6 OK, I also scared fat..)

Also I was a little Lulu. I am in the Graduate School and obviously I don't know that I am in the graduate school cause someone asked me, "Where's the graduate school?", and I turned to ask the girl next booth, "Erm, where's the graduate school?", and she replied, "The building you are in now IS the graduate school."
Luluness extravaganza.

I have had enough of coffee cause I can feel the caffeine working in my brain now. OVERDOSE.

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