Saturday, 26 December 2009

Free Party!

You know the phrase 'You get what you pay for?'
Well, I think my accommodation has charged us sufficient amount to be able to shower us with lots of free stuffs! One of it : -

CHRISTMAS PARTY, free food, free drinks, free music, free everything

The food was urm, not the least good. More to what you call, tit-bits. There goes my dinner -.-
(but very the unlikely it is, I WAS FULL. Hm...)

Next phrase, 'Jiak pa bo kang cho' (Eat full already nothing better else to do)

I donno how this came about but somehow it did. LOLS..It's so awesome to have crazy friends around :)

Me priest?

Haha..OK I beh tahan, so many people looking. Pai Seh.

And they were all shocked when I speak....NOTHING (lols..)

But nonetheless, they still adores me and well, what more can I ask?

Jojo, Shanice, MeiKee, QiHua, KarLai, LiPing, WaiXin

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