Monday, 14 December 2009

'School Holiday'

After all the hard work and effort, the last assignment was handed in. End of Semester 5!

Well, for the time being, it's worth the time to just relax and give the mind a bit of space to entangled themselves. I think my brain neurons are knotted up.

Maybe I need my dose of O2 jam :)

So, The MONDAY where No CLASS, No HOPPER BUS, No NOTES, No LECTURES, No LECTURERS, No MEDSCHOOL, No all the lecture halls that we've been till next year comes.

And here we are, Friday-ing ourselves, altho it's just Monday.

Christmas Menu! And me pick 3 courses with Xmas cocktail of cranberry juice with vodka and gin :)
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#1 - Appetiser
(This one has some Asian flavour in it. It's...well, very much Asian style)

#2 - Main Course
(Cheesie licking good! Scraped until the bottom of the hot plate..)

#3 - Dessert
(Within 2 minute, it's all gone *Poofff*)

All for only £19.99


If you get what I mean?
(No? Yes?)

After something warm and spicy, Ice anyone?

KarLai stranded there alone..

Ahhh...I love it!!
Altho it's pouring quite the heavy, but the atmosphere and ambience was hot!

Qi Hua and Wai Xin in action

I wanna skate AGAIN!!!

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