Friday, 25 December 2009

This the season to be Jolly..

Tra la la la la la la...

OK lar, to be honest, my Christmas here ain't the best and is not going to be any better. Well, I don't mean to complain much but it's totally different the way of celebration. I still very much prefer Malaysia's Christmas. I still very much like having able to shop till I drop in Malaysia. I still very much like the warm, humid, Christmas in Malaysia.

Christmas in UK is, well, it's a very grand big festive celebration and the surroundings are absolutely awesome. But on Christmas Day, everything closes, nothing works, and it's all about a time of fellowship and get-together. It's more of a home-celebration, get the point?

So, got quite the big difference and I miss home :(

Merry Christmas lovelies!

PS: I wish to be home. Now, right now. With me family :)

Everyone else, hope you had an enjoyable and blessed Christmas.

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