Saturday, 19 December 2009

Safe and sound

for my debit card..:)

If H&M is not killing enough, Bench killed me. But I died too fast to take pictures in Bench.
*Cries trough the peaks and troughs!!!*

H&M tryout #1
(Hmmm..pass!!as in disqualified...T.T)

H&M tryout #2
(I liked this..but it felt a little weird...)

So, I passed all. Which is good. Cause I didn't use any MONEY!!

Bench, Nearly Nearly Nearly KILLED me. It took 5 bulls to pull me away from the shop. (OK, this one metaphor la as in it took me hundreds of courage to leave the shop WITHOUT buying the things I wanted BADLY). Emo you BENCH! Next time I walk far far away so that I can't hear you calling me.

Oh wait..Boxing's Day coming, I might answer your call :)


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