Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Lincoln Part 1

Last weekend, I visited LINCOLN!
And I had to wake up earlier than I needed to go to church. Hmph. Who freaking start journey that early.

Why people come out that early on a Sunday morning? *wonders*

Welcome to the Lincoln Castle.

Uh-huh, not very impressing but, a picture will do :)

The Cathedral. This looks more significantly magnificent compared to the castle.
Architecture mishap?

A picture with it too :P

And another with MeiKee. Didn't I say it's superior compared to the castle?

And the 3 of us! <3
(Mr Liew, I got wear the scarf you see?)

And this is the back of some building where we went to some place which is totally irrelevant. Talk about a day trip. What the....

There's nothing much to do and I had my headphone on almost the whole trip. Nottingham's Christmas market is surely better I confirm.

By 3.45pm, the sky is blacking out. And the street lamps are lighting up. And we're leaving in a bit.

In the bus on the way back. I just got to admit it's freezingly cold even in bus.

Luckily, I have my Starbucks with me. Well, altho it's already much chilled than I wish it would never will be.

p/s : Did I say the best thing in Lincoln is STARBUCKS and nothing else but STARBUCKS?

Trust me. It is. ;)

(Psst psst..I'm gonna let you know my story soon.)


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