Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's covered in white!

Ok la, I know I jakun a bit but what to do, I first time see snow right, so to inform beforehand, I suppose there'll be more post about white snow, beautiful snow, snow flakes, etc etc.

I can even put my name and draw love somemore! So the fun! But for people who erm, never touch real snow or feel real snow before right (Ah, I know you guys jealous..Hahaha!), it's freezing cold! And you'll get really really red numbed hands after playing if you're not in gloves. (Which is what I did. Clever like what.)

PS: OK la, I'll minimize the number of post and wait until I can compile most of them to ease your boringness of having to read about snow and nothing else about snow.

Fair and square? :)

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