Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Lincoln Part 2

Hiya! My name's Biri-biri. Also known as sheep. I was much sought after in the Lincoln Christmas Market where, well, people can get me at 10 pounds. If you don't know how important I am to people, here are some witness, well, no, family members to show you how much love was bonded in just a short period of time.


This's my 'khai jeh', literally means god sister.

This's my 'khai ma', also be known as my god-mum.

This's 'Bahmee', well, Mummy I mean.

And this's 'Bahbee', uhm, Daddy. Don't get me wrong.

So you see, I am microwaveable and I give you all the warmth you want through rainy, chilly, winterly day with a scent of lavender diffusing out from my original fragrance.

Want me or not now?!

On another note, Burger for lunch, Minted lamb! 4 pounds :(

Expensive, expensive, expensive..Who eats a RM20 burger?!
Well, me. No choice what.

On the next note...

On our way back to catch the bus, we saw this silver man.
He sure knows how to crack a laughter. Endorphins running all over me.

He goes *sqqquueekkk*..*queeekk*..*tweett* each time he moves. Ahh!!
Childrens were like, ahhh!!heheee...neehhh..

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