Monday, 30 November 2009

Cherries 208

Cherries gonna undergo some renovation and refurbishment, so we had to move, The administrative said there were people to help shifting but WTF, I don't see any. Erm, one exception la, cuz there's one's guy who helped when I was struggling with my box at the staircase.

So, here we are occupants of previous Cherries 208

Cause it's our last day here, we will surely miss the warmth in there, despite the kitchen being so...unfit for 7 people, we still managed to squeeze in every dinner. :)

Then bedroom, I miss the bigger and softer bed.

Don't don't don't!!!

Die-d from their abuse


Circle that won't be broken. Use water, use whatever you want.

Ja-ja!! Guess which's mine?!

And last but not least, the bathtub!!I miss the bathtub already. Freaking new place don't have bathtub and shower area is so small!!!
I just hit myself with the shower yesterday and's SMALL lah!!!

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