Sunday, 1 November 2009

No, No, No, No!!

Mummy say,"You got fat already ah?"

Then I ask her "Yes meh?Got meh?"

Mummy say,"Got a bit lo, the face there. Donno body got a not...." (Before she can continue, I already cut in)

I say,"Harrrrrrrrrr, serious ah?! Shit lo..Oh NOooo..."

Mummy say,"Aiyah, fat a bit like this only nice. Skinny skinny like skunk like that not nice"

I say,"Got fat ah...Really ah? Oh NOooo..." (Looks at the mirror, looks at the mirror, looks at the mirror)

Mummy say,"Hahahahha...."

I say,"Body no fat la..still OK!!"

And I don't know what's gonna happen in months to come.
(Touch wood here, touch wood there, touch wood everywhere)

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