Monday, 30 November 2009

Before the coming of Christmas, let's just warm up with..

a little chilling in Lizard Lounge.

for the countdown to Christmas party!

My white little bag..

And the three of us in a taxi..
(which driver F*kin fetch us to the wrong place and what pissed me off really was that he was so damn bloody sure where he was fetching us #$%#$^%&)
Driver : Yes yes, why you think I lie? York city right? I know I know where is it..
And he left us at York HOUSE. Bloody fool.
It's Yo City, not York City, not YORK HOUSE!!

And cause it's freezing cold outside (Swears#$@%$^%!bloody taxi driver), we had to take another cab which is 5 minutes away to reach the lounge.

Peter bought Bailey for us. :)

Shanice, Peter, Jade and Jojo

Peter miang to the fullest..

Vice President of Korean Society, Woosup Shin.

Shanice, Jade, Jojo, Jonathan

Jade and Jojo

Again :)

With Trang this time :)
Love her neon bright yellow!

Cheers for Bailey..

Jonathan and me :)

People I met that night. I forgot what's their name. :P

Uhm, I remember Joey, Art..(forgot it's arthur or archer or...)

And so the night ended pretty tiring. I was worn out. My make-up is worn out.
But my heart still lives.

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