Saturday, 21 November 2009


I tell you, this shop has all the glam and glams you want and those you dream in your dreams that type. From the outside, 1metre away, confirm you can see it bright and clear. Cause the shop like super lighted up and got reflection mirror and bling bling one. How not to be captured?

So right, I went in to visit and within 30 seconds, I got hold of 2 dresses in my hand already. Dammit. *The dresses are sooooooooooo beautifoooooooo!!*

Then since got occasion coming up, hm, good, can think of buying it. :)

Me and KaiYin went in the shop time #1

This was the first dress I picked!!

And I really really love it!HOW?!

Sebra sebra!!

This was taken by Kai Yin, 2nd dress!

Kai Yin too, dress no. 3!

Actually I like this too, I like the bottom white part :)

Then we decided to walk walk outside and see other shops got nicer one a not.
(Psttt...don't bother cause once you're Lipsy, you're Lipsy forever. GONE case.)

And then I 'si beh song' cause I see everybody holding bagssss of LIPSY stuff and I don't have. So, what else. We went back to Lipsy.
Time #2

This black dress does look pretty nice and elegant too. But, it suits KaiYin more.

Got gold dust dress somemore. SUPERB! KaiYin said she don't like the top bust part.

Me neither! (see, the black suits her much better..)

And at last, I revert back to my sebra!! Oh my darling, oh my darling~!

My first choice is always the best!

Last picture of all the tryout garments. Phew!

And so I paid 60 pounds for this BEAUTIFOO SEBRA!

Which they wrap up nice and sweet

In pink colour paper bag!

Oh, excitednya!


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Josephine Wong said...

Tqs! You know where to bring her next time to shop aye? :)

Isabellmiao said...

yiii... why so nice wannn??? :(

Josephine Wong said...

hahaha..of cause nice lar! price also doubley nice..:)