Monday, 15 November 2010

And now the case is closed.

With the devastating news enlightening me on Thursday the 11/11/2010 right before my Patient Medication Review session, it was not pleasant. I had to set my mind straight before the session and focus on it, which wasn't really what had happened.  

My younger sister was proposing to dedicate 'Amazing Grace' to my Grandpa but this aunty specifically made a big fuss out of it saying, "Who wants to sing!" and it ended up her child went up singing that song. Stupid or ignorance, or maybe a bit of both. When asked to speak, it's fine whoever goes up but YOU, what position are you in to order people around? Anyone who wants to speak has a chance to speak. 

No one represents someone else other than themselves.

Monday the 15th, grandpa was cremated and all his children held hand, stand around him and vowed to forget all that's been in the past and to start anew. Upon reaching home after the ceremony, a cascade of finger-pointing events occur, which was absolutely insolent and inappropriate after what they've each swore in front of Grandpa themselves. 

My speech to Grandpa:

"The years of my upbringing has been shadowed by your love and encouragement which brings me to where I am now. It saddens me not to be able to be present at this point but nevertheless, you're the greatest grandfather and may the Lord bless you abundantly. Love, Jojo"

No more, no more on this.

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