Saturday, 20 November 2010

Of fire alarm and nail-breaking incidence

I don't think I will ever go well with the kitchen. 
While microwaving the sausage casserole, I had the fire alarm triggered which eventually lead to evacuation of the whole flat. There were like smoke in the kitchen which intoxicated my poor flatmates the whole night.


And so, while evacuating, I was closing my room door and somehow, it struck my toe and blood start oozing out. Only then I took a closer look and realize the nail's been broken into half. =(

Being really considerate, all my flatmates actually followed me out to the QMC A&E department. An effortlessly dopey guy who's sitting by the side looked at us and said, "It's just a small injury.."..and sarcastically his friend replied, "No, it's a BIG injury on a SMALL toe". 

Well, at least I have friends that are worried although it's just a small injury. 

The nurse anesthetized my toe and man was it horrifying!  

*hit* *hit* I can't feel my toe?! The local anesthetic's working well =)

I assure you (Mummy and Daddy) it wasn't that bad so don't worry alright!

Had it bandaged up and boy was it difficult to find a shoe to wear -.-

About 6 days later..Much better =)

Sorry if this is to your dislike. Sorry if this made you unable to swallow down your next gulp of food in your mouth. Apologies guy! 

Likes Qihua's 我们是..一起的!!

But most of all, it's this one guy who went through taking care of me from head to toe (cooking,piggy back me and accompany me for 4 hours in A&E, this and that, etc..), internally (cough, phlegm, etc..) and externally (toe bandage, borrow me shoe), for the whole month to two. Until he even contracted cough from me. Hugs. 

♥ Love you naughty silly fella 


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