Friday, 29 October 2010

Gifts, souvenirs and palinkas

Váci Utca

Love shopping? Here's the place! Starting from Vörösmarty Square, where it is pedestrianized, this leads to the Great Market Hall (Nagycsamok) near Fővám Tér.

Walking down the street, you'll be intrigued with a variety of souvenirs shops, as well as designer shops with hefty price tags. Many bar, cafes and restaurants line the street offering a place to relax and grab a bite to eat or an alcoholic beverage, including some excellent local fare. 

Some of the souvenirs bought :

Went into the first souvenir shop and that's where we grab all the stuffs. It was really funny when Michelle was fidgeting with a box and wondering how to open it. Thereafter, the shop lady came over and perform the 'box opening' ceremony. Lols! We were as intrigued as monkeys!

Big mummy and her little girls

Bought a bag. The shop lady even recommend which colour I should take. So awesome la this lady!

A small cup for decoration

A real egg wrapped around with handcraft 

Kar Lai's egg =P

And one for each of us!

We even got discount from this lady since we bought quite a number! No need to bargain!

Bought a pretty handcrafted ring at Bratislava for 2 Euros only

The palinka I bought

And a local alcoholic beverage. Cute looking one. =)


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