Monday, 25 October 2010

Foods for no thoughts. Just order and enjoy.

Foods that I've not mentioned throughout the trip...

Restaurant #1

Beef goulash

Eggs with something underneath. Not bad a dish.

Beef goulash with mini noodles (their pellet size was really cute, and nice to nom on!) 

Huge big sandwich with lots of stuffing

Beef, bacon, cheese, ham on grilled stick with grilled potato

Desserts were not really nice on this account...

Restaurant #2 - Along Váci Utca

Lamb ragout
- Nice nice nice NICE? 

Mediterranean fish soup 
- Huge crabsticks but the soup tasted really fishy >.<

Poultry consomme with pheasant meat and dumplings (in short, Chicken soup with dumpling)
- Tastes a little like ginseng chicken soup which was very very good!

Mangalica (special Hungarian breed of pig) spare rib roast with rosemary grilled green pepper and mashed potato

Roast veal tenderloin prepared with Mozzarella cheese in creamy sage sauce served with wild rice
- Wild rice was...weird and veal tasted like pork? 

 Tenderloin ragout with chilli and soy served with home made croquette potatoes

- Made to perfection

Buda Castle

Local specialty - Hungarian funnel cake 

Spaghetti like carbonara with a strong scent of cheese

Pancake with a slap of cheese on top

Another type of spaghetti with lots of onions

And of course, HUGE sausages!

Coffee break @ California Coffee Company 

Restaurant #4

Marsall is in and between the posts for Budapest so do check them out here - Day 1 and Day 3

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