Saturday, 23 October 2010

Budapest Day 3

Central Market Hall


We headed off here first since it was Saturday and they close around noon time. Darnn..

Also know as the Great Market Hall, is the city's largest indoor market. There are 3 stories of stalls selling a variety of wares. On the busy ground floor, fruits and vegetables vendors are as busy as bees. In the basement, there's a supermarket, fishmongers, and vendors selling meat. On the upper floor, beautiful Hungarian arts and craft are the most common fare.

What attracts you to this?
It's colourful-ness. =)

Halloween already?

Onion stringed (so cute...)

The canal structure at the center to allow goods to be delivered to the market's traders via barge.
The cavernous structure supported by slender steel columns allows extensive sunlight to shine through the market. 

Sausages anyone?

And to fulfill our vows and relax on the last day itself, bathing!
I told ya I'll be coming back =D

Hundreds of people flocking the baths because entrance fees is half priced that day! Lucky us!

We each got a small cabin/ room to change in but due to some unforeseen circumstances, all four of us shared one instead =.=

Well, you've got to have this super magic wrist stripe sensor to open the door!


And we bathed from day to night! 

There were other rooms in the building but we didn't brought along the camera thus, no photos =(

There's different pools with variable degrees of water, so you can choose which to dip in. There's also different temperatures room saunas you can choose to steam yourself in. The coldest water there was is 16 Celsius (This was uber awesome and you must however try dipping in it once!) and the warmest is 40 Celsius (I suppose..if you dipped in too long, you'll get respiratory depression (as in a little breathing difficulty) and there's an advice on the board stating the advisable amount of time to stay in this pool is 20minutes). The hottest sauna room was 70 or 80 Celsius. Talk about roasting in there.

A note of advice for those who plans to visit any baths - bring a sandal together with a very thick towel. 
It is extremely bad for your leg or foot or toes to be dipping in the nice warm water and then you jump out and it touches the icy cold flooring and people would be looking at you jumping like a mantis because the coldness stings!

My skin actually cracked (well I don't know what's the actual term but you get what I mean) from running alternatively from a warm to a cold pool.

Lastly, a walk to the Parliament which we've seen from far.

And our last dinner cum supper at our favorite place in these 3 days,  Marsall.

We ordered all four kinds of soups

And we ordered Caesar salad with chicken strips

And a platter for 2 which looks like below....  

OMG..I am hungry but not to this extent.

Michelle and Gary also *eyes widened*

Sirloin steak "Napolean" style

Salmon fillet with lemon and rice (the most perfectly cooked rice I've ever eaten in my whole entire life..)

 Deer stew

Spaghetti carbonara

Gary's indulgence in Palinka

Our table full of food!

Starts eating..Nomnomnomnom..

Last bit of food..we've committed one of the 7 deadly sins according to Gary, which is gluttony.
Over consumption of more than what one requires. Lols!

We love you Marsall.

That's so much love from Budapest and people, make plans now for a trip down there! 
A penny worth trip..

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