Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bratislava Day 4

Woke up early in the morning to catch the student bus from Budapest to Bratislava
(So cheap at only 4 Euros per person)

Sunny but don't be deceived, it was cold.

Was waiting here just to realized this was not the one.

Arrived in Bratislava after about 2 hours - to a city of no man. 
Behind us is the University of Bratislava.

First thing first, off to find a place for lunch

And we settled in for this, not much of a choice.

And I've no other smaller change other than a 200 Euro note!

Walked around a little and ended at the Magistrate court (or was it not?)

Saw a well and went OIiiiiii...

(I know, things are a little...SLOW. That's because there isn't anything at all to do here!)

We then decided to take off early to the airport to wait instead of walking aimlessly..

Took a tram to the main train station

The radio station.
Michelle wanted to come here but it was a long walk. Somehow, we passed by while in the tram and thus, we've been here as well!

Main train station - Hlavna Stanice

Just to realize...

Main train station? You serious? Where' the people?

Double seriousness...

Triple the seriousness..

Fourth...Give up..there's no one. We get it.

Took this bus from Hlavna Stanica to the airport.

This bus has indeed return me to my hometown for a second. Haven't seen such buses for a very long time.

And thus, the end of the double date trip 

East Midlands - Budapest Ferihegy - Bratislava - Gatwick Airport London - Nottingham

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