Friday, 22 October 2010

Budapest Day 2 Part 1

We started off around 11am in the morning to our first destination; The Fisherman's Bastion (Halaszbastya). The neo-roman 'Disney-esque'  structure Fisherman's Bastion is one of the most popular spots of the Castle District as it offers a grand panorama of almost the entire city. Before that, we made a stop at one of the most unique carving stone tower I've ever seen outside the Matthias church.

The Church of Our Lady is generally called the Matthias Church because its southern tower bears the coat of arms with the raven of Matthias. From outside the most beautiful part of the church is the 80-meter (260 ft.) high stone-laced Gothic tower. 

Szentháromság tér (Trinity Square) and its neighborhood. The carving was absolutely splendid.

We walked down a mere 5metre and there's Fisherman's Bastion...

At the upper court stand the equestrian statue of (Saint) Stephen I (by Alajos Stróbl, 1906), the first king of Hungary (1001-1038) and founder of the State.

Took a 4Euro picture with...a bird? Well, it definitely knows how to pose to take a good picture. Good job!

The Parliament from far..


We then adjourned to the Budapest Pálinka and Sausage Festival

The festival took place in Buda Castle, Budapest. 

The festival which is held, yearly in autumn, is an attraction to fans of the combination of food, good drinks and authentic folklore.

We savored every moment of the sun and the food and the drinks =)

Enjoying the sun without doubt (how I wish the sun's out here)

Me, Dear, Horse and the Buda Castle

13th century - Mongol tribes invaded Hungary and a keep surrounding Buda town was built, leading to expansion over the years

15th century - Expansion of the castle until Turkish ruled the city and recaptured Budapest, building were demolished

18th century - Further expansion but destroyed much of the new palace in a great fire and attack of the castle during Hungarian rising

Dual monarchy expansion - Restoration in the 50's after the complex was ruined in fire during WW2 which now can be seen in all its glory

This was outside the castle where we lingered before entering.

Sausage goodness. Well, if you look closely at some of the different cook ones, you wouldn't want to order that because it looks exactly like

Brownie poo poo
Okay, end of story.

And we had some Palinka and cocktails to make it whole.

Well, Palinka is an alcoholic distillate, a type of traditional Hungarian brandy. Thus, the distillation apparatus.

A photo with the Matthias fountain =)

And since the grass's green, and I've not laid back on the grass during summer, here's my chance!

The Lion's Gate - Brilliant architecture and  carves

Have you watch IRIS, the blockbuster Korean TV show? 
It should be filmed here if my vague memory does not trick me. The onlooking view here looks really familiar. 

Open up, descending, ready to jump, falling down style..


Budapest History Museum associated 
(wasn't interested, thus did not intend to walk in. Well, we did, but we just passed by to get to the other side)

Pretty maze down from where we stand which was not accessible.

Up the Gellért Hill (Gellért Hegy)
The liberation monument of a palm-bearing female pays homage to the soviet soldiers that freed the city from the Nazis during WW2. 

Views taken from above the castle:

Danube River

Castle 'Porch' cum garden

There this tram where you could take which brings you all the way down the hill

or the other way round

Ah, love this picture a million. Don't you agree it looks just like a postcard?

However, we manage to find our way down, walking. Much better than taking the tram.

Too much on Day 2..continue part 2 in the next post!

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