Friday, 16 May 2008

Dear blog,
my gum ache for almost a i decided to go to the dentist..there's this stubborn big ulcer between my gum n my molar tooth..put salt, put propolis, put oral aid..all to no cure...but the dentist cured it...but with a price...RM1.00..haha!!!gosh,what can i was sure pain when she scrap off the there's this big, deep hole in my gum...just swallowed up antibiotics and painkiller so the pain is not that intense now..but guess what?i think i have a sorethroat..swt...~!

had to undergo surgery to remove both my molar tooth cuz, well, first, they do not play any roles in mastication..secondly, they're sure to give me MORE said by the dentist, i made an appointment of my life to take the intriguing self-conscious surgery..pweh..27th May 08' the face would look like a swollen tomato then..for 2-3 days i suppose..huh!!finish story...

Read thru Female magazine and was attracted by the nail art...kinda creative..gonna try it out myself nails are totally horrible..need some beautification!!= )

hoho..yesterday guess what?!!?i decorated my phone..i saw this cute fishy sticker in Living Cabin and decided to pocket it for a price of RM 2.00...although the handwork wasn't..or not at all i can say...nice...but still i did it!!!woohoo!!but i think it looks nicer without it...but..but...i stick d..put so much effort in it...nvm la, bear with it for 1 month like that only take it it has some cute fishes and stars and bubbles in it...can play with my magic stone then..LOL..

before i came back ipoh, hubs sent me to the bus station..we had lunch together at Nando's..haha!!both of us thought that the meal was a bit pricy and not worth but i like that moment cuz we're eating together, hurrying together to meet the bus time..LOL..but it was an OK-OK meal tho..

hubby study hard alrite??!don't worry,i'll help do notes for you k?!sayang..gambateh!!lao po support u all the while!!! u have a lucky charm with you rite?!?!

hubs, why nowadays i dun feel your love and care anymore?!i really have a bad feeling that there's this other gal whom u r treating and looking after well..which is why im ignored..right?!hm,how can i be so weak when it comes to u..this kinda stuff wont bother me but eventually, it changed..i admit i am more out-of-my-mind now..being jealous, being bossy, being..watever u named it...if you really have smtg to tell me,please tell me now alright?!please tell me the truth kay?please dun think twice of telling me later kayz?!for whatsoever reason, just tell me the truth...i dun feel your heart nor your love anymore..not even a's like we're friends now..u know, as before when we're in uni..

hm..that's all that's in my mind for the moment..anything pops up later i'll drop by later...fairytooth mother,please save me from this dreadfulness..!!
love u darling hubby..

just thinking...should i tell others my name's yunn shyuan instead of josephine next time?!?LOL..

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