Wednesday, 28 May 2008

29th May 2008


What happened these few days? Seems like the boyfriend is taking it hard on me..i don't feel those lovey dovey, carey marey, huggy muggy feelings anymore..why?!

Exams?is it?!But WHY?Does that even affect you?i went for a movie with you although i have exam 2 days later..

Why u seems to have those feelings which i look through as incompatible to mine?

Is there true love in the air?

Are your promises said true and sincere?

Look forward to the end of the romantic stage of your relationship! Falling in love is feeling the delight we had when our mothers mirrored our every expression lovingly. Once you each stop seeing the other as the "missing" part of yourself and idealizing complete fusion, the saner you'll be. After the romantic stage comes the companionship stage, when the relationship itself becomes more important, and you recognize your lover as the flawed but worthy human being he is - and you recognize that of yourself, as well.
-taken from The Little Book Of Moods by Jane Eldershaw-

Things aren't goin well in any sense. Just hope that this Sat outing would gimme a break..

Darlings, work hard, study smart, love me more...tat's all i ask for...

Think differently in my sentence means that u're seeing it like a practise..while i, it's every moment take i wouldn't wanna miss being together with you..anyhow, let it pass..


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