Monday, 6 October 2008

This Raya...

Was back in Ipoh for a enjoy the holis..
then..went out with frens lepak-ing at Parade..lols..

Met Mr Calvin at there..thanks for the Kopitiam treat hor!!treat u back coffee some other time kays?!

And then..met up with Chien Sern and Hon Fai...went to K-Box for karaoke la la`...

can't sing Leona Lewis song la..damn hard...but Le Ann Rimes (is that the spelling anyway?!haha...'can't fight the moonlight' was nice!

Had a blast of time there!!

then went to penang for some nice n yummy food..upload some time is in my digi cam..hehe!!!= )

well..uni has again resume..wasn't that bad..but what's better than some pics with Adeline today b4 class started..lols!!

uhm,well..that's all for the time being..kinda ma fan cuz kenot online from house since no internet line..= )


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