Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween Boo!

Me present you.........

Halloween at Halo!

We waiting for cab come fetch us

Outside Halo

A series of Halloweenified event:-

Jojo and Ken Wan, the nerd?

Jojo and Kai Yin the witch?

Jojo and Kenneth the man?

Jojo and Joshua the normal?

Jojo and Shanice the white haired lady.

Jojo and Mei Kee the little winged fairy!

Jojo and Jeanette the pink devil

Jojo and Michelle the black little witch

Jojo and Sher Leen the red devil

Jojo and Johnston as Freddy

End of series---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Random moments in the house!

Camwhore a lil while hanging around

Hailey beside me! I've got a feeling~

Corona just one sip!

Weeee~putting on some glow in the dark on Ken Wan's face

Banana Man, also the winner of the night! Isn't he just so banana?


What a night...

But still in the mood to have some fun..

And out we go, the black and the white..

Which seriously can't get along well..

Happy Halloween!!

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