Sunday, 25 October 2009

Extreme outdoor game

Everything that is free is...a good chance to take part in it. Including ones that would get yourself hurt.

This game itself cost 65pounds for a game. But I paid no cash at all. That's a good choice.:)

And we reached the site of paintballing.

Must register first.

Change into army suit.

I know I look terrible protects my head. So, it's a necessity. I not 'want beauty don't want life' one ok? Even with it, the ball bounce on the head also quite the pain one leh. Imagine a ball flying to you at 120kmph. Insane. I was lucky to escape without a bulge on my head.

The family posing before entering battlefield. Ka-za!

And put our mask on. Oh, we look like one of those SWAT team members. Well, except for the uniform.

MeiKee so clever go lift her mask during the game and then announcement came, "B10, you are eliminated from the game. You can now stay and enjoy your time in the tent."

And so we 'pei si' her. Heesh.

With Ji Hang, Gok Hau, Abel and Geraldine. Ji Hang's a good commander tho! Left team here, right team there, middle team back-up. OK? Go-Go-Go!

And this's our team. Team B. Catalism. Points -6. Last placing of them all.

Thanks to this I've got 5 bruises all over my hand, elbow and thighs. I admit it's quite painful but it's worth the experience with all the shooting and yelling and running and hiding and got shot and bruises and etc etc.

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