Sunday, 4 October 2009

The cool and the bold

During the 1st Korean Society Meeting, we had a time of drinking..: )
(Daddy, it's just a cup..only a cup!!!)

Korean society organized a BBQ session in conjunction with their Korean ChuSeok festival back in their home country.

I really felt my camera was useless that day since I did not use it at all. So, a picture of a flower would do some good.

Autumn leaves are, brown, green, brown..

Walking to the venue of BBQ..

Shireen, Shanice, Vivian, LeeTing, HanYin, SherLing, KarLai, SiewWui, KaiYin, Jojo, MeiKee

Lols, Qi Hua posture a bit 'kik sui'..:P

Take 2.

A can of beer on a chilly windy day is most appropriate!!Carlscheers!

The chillingness is getting to our nerves, and so we decided to warm ourselves up by revealing the hug of the century. To keep the person in the middle warm.

With Emily, one of the committee members.

With WooSub, the president.

Random action.

With MinSoo, one the dubbed 'cute' guy.

With Dasol, a committee member too.

With Peter, also one of me coursemate.

Min, Jonathan, MeiKee, Jojo, Soma

And I present you the ducks of Nottingham!
or goose?

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