Saturday, 10 October 2009

My daddy, mummy, brother and sister

Daddy, I miss you
You have been my guide and shelter throughout my life, correcting me when I'm wrong, appraising me when I'm right. Although age is creeping you up, you're still always the short-fused daddy I've ever had. If there's anything more I could do, I'll do it for your sake.

Mummy, I miss you
You have show your unending love towards us without hesitation and crazy at times complying with me, fighting with me, arguing with me in which not once I remembered you being angry of me. Well, maybe once. Or twice. Still I love to bits!

BenBen, I miss you
You have been a brother I could rely on in times of need, sometimes making me feel I'm not the oldest, you have persevere in this family with 2 annoying sisters and you've done great. But there's still more to come.

NieNie, I miss you
You are always the baby in the family in every cases. You needed guidance in everything and you're afraid of strangers practically. But that makes you loveable and you have grown to show the maturity in you.

Just called daddy and mummy and now I'm having a breakdown. Sobs sobs.

It's been a long time.

I miss you all.

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