Friday, 16 October 2009

The designer shirt

Well, the American Tee here comes in size I don't quite figure out. It's like body shape width, acceptable. Neck there my goodness, small until like turtle neck shirt like that. Maybe even smaller.

So, we cropped the neck part. And the bottom part was done 'wave style'. And the sleeves 'red indian' style.

Then we sew the excised cloth on the collar part to make it look nicer and leave it dangling a lil. (You know, more stylo, like got those chain or those hard metal rock chains hanging there. Only that this is extra cloth which we're lazy to continue sewing, well, not exactly, cause we intended to make it look so....DIFFERENT.)

Then got extra leftover somemore! So I make ribbon.

And sew WX behind. Like those....Ok, nevermind. New design you know. One strand of thread, needle in and out for one stroke and total added up 6 times.

Then we proudly present it to the owner. Which look pretty happy.

And proud with his name. (Eh, sorry the label jutting out. Paiseh paiseh..)

Then both of them do crazy stuff.
Oh wait, there's a story behind this.
The others were like, "Eh, what's the string here for? Like pulling a cow is it so that Qi Hua can pull Wai Xin?"
And so....

Then say can do all other sorts of things. Like this.

Eventually, the shirt ended up pretty decent. Clean-cut precisely. Like a new shirt.

Cause he was like, "What's this string for? I don't want.", "What's this purple thread behind? I don't want. Remove it for me please.", "Why the hand sleeves there like this one?", "I thought I say change the collar part only? How come......(with that funny little smirk look)".

So, you see. This was a design courtesy of Me and MeiKee. And we can design. Or would you prefer to just say.....crop and paste?
Well, maybe that's more like it.

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