Sunday, 25 October 2009

Host from Cornerstone

Few weeks back, my host e-mailed me for a lunch together after church with her. That's so sweet of her, especially when she's a Malaysian herself and a DOCTOR!

She has a car, which she chauffeured me to her home in Loughborough.
Her nice fireplace which is not electric!

It has real flames one OK! Got orange and green colour flames which means sodium and potassium is present. :)

She cooked a simple meal. :)
Mushies, long time no see.

Well, I'm not much of a fish fan so I don't really fancy fish. But at least I learnt a new way to cook a fish! And it's easy peasy!

She even served dessert! Gu....:)

Then she drove me to Wollaton Park. I don't see any dear that day, so pardon me.

The castle, which is also the Hall, from afar. Need climb hill go up somemore.

Nearer view of the majestic hall. So so so...breathtaking..

And I was welcomed. By this board.

Inside, very the beautiful.

I suppose this is the Hall shrink to 100 times it's size. Or maybe more.

The backyard.

Got exhibition inside too. White tiger from Siberia? Sorry, I don't know lar.

This looks pretty scary cause it's dangling up the ceiling wall and the head is so freaking BIG and HUGE!

Got company by the deer and some blacker version of don't know what.

Got goose? Crap la this 'museum'.

The outside is much much better. Agree? :)

I was in Wollaton Park!

And I picked up an autumn leaf there. But it's in the refuse area now.

Jacket credits to MeiKee. I do opening ceremony for her jacket. :)

And thanks Shu Ho for everything! : )

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