Friday, 16 October 2009

The Globe Cafe

Last week..(Ok, this's not a good enough starting..)

Who can resist food in the UK? (This's better..)
No one..practically no one. (cause those who don't like that particular food WILL resist it.)

So, I made my way to Beeston Free Church, where the Globe Cafe is situated. It's an International Cafe catered place to hang out on a Monday night whereby people from different places come and meet up and have a chat.

And the reason I was here...cause got Hot Chocolate. : )

Then they have weird Conker game. I don't know but I think it's ridiculous. Even worst than Malaysia's batu seremban.

Me and Sarah and our conkers. Mine is for picture purposes only. I didn't exactly play cause I think it'll make me look pretty ridiculous.

With Su Ting.

This is my conker. It's name is Chestnut. Hard on the inside out, and outside in.

And this would be the REAL main point why I came...
Chocolate Fondue wor. Who can resist?

Marshmellows! Got grapes also but I swallowed it down faster than I can take a picture of it. So, sorry yah!: )

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