Sunday, 4 October 2009

The gracious stuffs

The food our host prepared for us was No.1!

Iranian style Kebab!
(You know, we're in UK, and not Iran, there's ought to be some difference in the texture, the sauce and the everything.)

The potato rice they've cooked. The potato is soooo nice. They're like steamed below the stack of rice in the pot and tadah! it came out sorta fried style.

Everything's set and ready to eat! Oh, there's another aubergine dish which I was a bit late to capture.

Look at my nutritious plate of rice. Kebab, tomato, purple cabbage, aubergines, cucumber, potato.

Upon finishing our lunch, we sat and talked and chatted about life. Yeah, as boring as it sounds to you, it was actually quite impressing and interesting to listen.

Then like even before our stomach can start to digest the first bit of our eaten lunch, they came out with tea and cake~!

Chocolate moist cake (which tasted really like chocolate ice-cream cake and it's 100% delicious!)

And our cups of fruity tea. Mm-mmmm..

I had one piece and that's enough. : )
(SuTing was chocoholic that she wanted a 2nd piece but was too paiseh to take it...tsk tsk)

Last but not least, a photo frame with them as to remember this day..

That the Lord hathed made, come and rejoice and be glad in it! :)




SL said...

the tea is nice.. i tried that before..

Josephine Wong said...

Yeah, it tasted not bad. But it's expensive..