Sunday, 4 October 2009

Goose Fair

The goose!

And me of course!

The fair on still the brighter side of the day..

Games here are pretty expensive..I can't afford the ferris least a picture with it makes me feel better..Yay!!

This's some small kid playpen. I remembered myself playing in one of this kind of stuffs back then. It's quite challenging, only that this is much smaller. and shakier.

Ze balloons! So much that we can't see the seller..
(Mister mister, where are you?)

Some food stalls there.

Spinning car game or something like that. Quite cool in that they do have smoke coming out from the games. So Cool!

Mini in a fair. What else am I suppose to say?
You gamble no matter where you are. You shall spend some money no matter how much is left in your pocket. You SHALL!

This hot air balloon ride is pretty! But I still can't afford.

The spinner game! Uhm, this is much better than the ones in Malaysia fun fair.
Malaysia ones are like...squeeeekk!!kiiik!!!kueekkkkk!! and that scares me to death.

And a 'Believe It Or Not'. It's unpredictable what else they could have in the fair.

This is for the Small Ones too.

Cocks? Got differentiate between traditional and westernised one ah?

Uncle like no business only.

This is uber tempting! But at a closer look, thanks but no thanks.

Choose what you want. The green mushy peas is one of my least favourite.

Another tempting sight. But the price...*opens lunch box..looks at bread*
I'll have my bread then..

Oh!!! This is like the nicest toy gallery you can ever see! Top to toe, left to right, all the cute flimsy hugable teddies!

And the only game that I played...
I forgot the name but I would like to call it the vortex. It's...something like a vortex. You get what I mean. A game for 4.50 pounds. Phew~!

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Take 5

This ride is so awesome!!

And the traditional family pictures.
(On the bright side)

(On the darker side)

Goose you ask? Yeah, I don't know how it's related but my interpretation is that...the goose migrated over here in the UK..(whatever..)

There's a nice fun fair in Malaysia called the Euro Park.
I can't find the link but I think they travels around Malaysia. So, watch out for it! : )


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