Sunday, 11 October 2009

What?? A B??

Thinking back when I was in MRSM, we had exams and stuffs..
(well, don't get me wrong..that's was the best schooling time I've ever had!)

It's just the exam part. Especially English. Not that I'm not good or fair bad in it. It's just that I don't get the score I'm supposed to get.

You see, it's not my fault, so you could guess who's fault it is then.

Other paper seems fine, and don't get me wrong again. I don't score highest in these other papers.

I admit I was a freak back then cause I love the dictionary and I practically READ the dictionary everyday. Well, as in take out a few nice bombastic flabbergasted WOW English words which I can use it PRACTICALLY and WISELY with WISDOM in my English essays. But still, I love my American Oxford Dictionary.

You see, let me give you an example..(I don't quite remember how it was but it's 'da kai da kai' like this la ok?)


(Fine...I forgot...)

But mine was composed and detailed and filled with GOOD UNDERSTANDABLE English words in it for an English teacher to understand.

But I got a low B for it. And I wasn't happy at all. Because it's really....RUBBISH that someone else whose English was like Primary 1 grammar scored a whole lot better with an A.
(OK la, maybe Primary 3. Or 6. That's the maximum.)

So I went boldly and asked my English teacher why is my score so low. And she said, "All these essays you should use simple English to construct and write. No need use of too much bombastic English. OK?"


'You say all lo'

Like that I study until Form 5 for what?


SL said...

study until F5 to get the SPM sijil lo.. that's all.. hahaha...

Josephine Wong said...

Ish, what I meant study until Form 5 was as we study, we progress with the difficulty of the language.

yinling said...

jo, im chok , you senior :P .

i also have the exact same experiences that you went through.

donno same teacher or not hehe

i still remember getting 79!!!. one mark then A. ishhh.

Josephine Wong said...

Hi YinLing!
Erm, I forgot her name, but she's the plum plum one.

Haih, really kik sum..