Wednesday, 25 February 2009

25th February 2009

Class ended early today and stayed back over in Uni for some poster discussion..I came across this website as i saw my friend browsing thorough the site..

Hands itchy to look for some nice background and layout for my poster, i surfed the pages and surprisingly, the pictures are REALLLLY original and least to me...

A man deep in his thoughts..

Simple yet nice background..

This is damn cute I tell You...Lols!!

I find this really very very the,there's smtg in this picture..but I don't know what is it..Whatodo, don't have an artistic mind..

Guess what's in this picture that made me download it?!
-It looks like those pictures you find in Yamaha music book when you start playing the piano..those cute little pictures..i remember 'My grandfather's clock' which is really still my favourite song from a little todler till now..

Aha,for those who read comics a lot!!!!i summon it's for the girls majority lar..wonder if there are guys who read Sailormoon?!I like Uranus!!But she's not in the frame..cuz she has the same Birthdate as me and She's COOL!!!

This is purely cute..That's it..

Probability spilled with red water colour?!What's that suppose to mean?!


SL said...

nice blog layout..:)

Jojo said...

tqs!!!spend long hours doing it..luckily a good compliments comes by..:)