Tuesday, 24 February 2009

24th February 2009

Just saw Wen Nee posting some old pics of my secondary years in facebook..looking back, i do kinda funny..lols!!i have side parting't look too good i would say..lols..But i really miss those times back there in MRSM Beseri...the close friends I have there, the teachers who are more like parents to us, the Cafe we always go for our Neslo drinks with Hui and Carmen and the whole gang..

And I went to take my passport photo today for my application in accommodation over in the UK...The latest one I have was urmh...counting...1,2,3,4.....5 years back when I was 16..sweet young 16...My friend saw it and said i looked FAT!!!Well, i was not sad or heart-thumping lar..cause that's true..oh, and fierce..haha!!!

Anticipating my look for my 21 year old passport size photo!!!!HOohoho...

Am kinda hooked up with loads of work now, so that's all the update till then..

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