Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow sledging, for the very first time

Out of the blue, Sue and Clara's mischievous-city to snow sledge makes my butt itch and I ended up sledging to the fullest!

Clear skies, white snow - what else you want?

Getting our adrenaline pumped. Down there is the lake which is, well, partly frozen and covered in snow. 

Our sledge trails =P

Sue =)

And Clara =D

Going on a triplet, Me-Jason-Sue. Jason's leg was as heavy as a log!

Clara-Jason-Me. This was on full speed sledging down the slope. Awesome fun we ended up just 5 feet away from the lake with Jason using my boots as brake! 

Tired tired tired but excitement led us till 11-ish before we decided to get back home and warm our hands, feet, leg, and butt.

Definitely 2nd round coming up soon! 

There's a video of us sledging down just 5feet away from the lake HERE.

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