Monday, 5 December 2011

Birmingham German Christmas Market

Hello baby! =D

Bought them phone from ebay cause I can't bear the thought of dropping it in the toilet! So good to have one back..


Chung Ying garden Dim Sum.
Nice, Huge, Good, Reasonable.

Wouldn't miss Coffee Republic for anything! All time favourite..

Went down to Birmingham German's Christmas market and boy was it hugeeeeee!

Sitting where the fountain is at Victoria square

Linda and Esther went and get em' bratwurst

One of the other stall selling crepe but we didn't get this..

Awesome possum!

Had my favourite Gouda cheese with mushroom! Look at the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseee!
For cheese sake!

Huge lit up christmas tree..isn't very much a christmas tree.

And a large screen TV broadcasting F1.
Reminds me of old times where I wouldn't miss a race when Michael Schumacher was driving with Ferrari.
And Couldhart and Raikonen and Hakinnen..

One of them bar..with the head of a polar bear.

Because of the cold weather, we decided to have some spicy Szechuan food! 

Spring frog <3

And some noodle...

Pretty much filled up for the day with the constant refill of petrol for our tummy but it was all good. 
No qualms.


Qihua said...

hahaha u miss ur phone so much a? i wan coffee republic also!! ferroro shake!!

Qihua said...

opps ferrero*

Josephine Wong said...

yes lo. miss having a keypad to type! Lols..Haha! Ferroro :P Nice right! But the one in Birmingham don't have it!