Sunday, 8 January 2012

Eigth day into 2012

Was very blessed indeed to be part of the church community I'm at now. 

Just two months ago, I was fretting about my Visa application, afraid that I wouldn't be able to stay on. On Poppy Sunday, we're given a white and red poppy each, and was told to write down what we want to pray for, who we want to pray, anything that needs praying for. Adamantly, I wrote 'Approval of visa application'. Just a week before that, I called up UKBA and was told it would take a maximum of 6 months in some cases for approval due to the high number of cases. Six days after I wrote what I wanted, a letter came in for me. 

I ran up to my room, tear open the envelope and read the first line:


I read again and again. This is real! I jumped in front of my laptop, skyped with my dad and we were all overjoyed. 

Gratitude of thankfulness, kindness and consistent prayers, everyone who has prayed for me, inked deep within me. I can never thank you enough, so you're in my prayers now, that GOD's blessing will be upon you, abundantly.


With Betty, Jackie and Jonathan
Thanks for the lovely dinner and cuppa tea!

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