Tuesday, 7 February 2012

So what have I been reading?!?!

Came up, it was a made up story. Of 5 friends, and their loyalty? And a princess doesn't exist? What was history is now fiction. Like those story books you can get in book stores. 

How can a country go wrong on its history which built the present state it is now? I HAVE NO IDEA. 

With all these reviewing of text and probability of changing the syllabus, what we all previously learnt can be flushed down the bowl. How frustrating that is!


On another frustrating note as well, coming back to UK wasn't pleasant. 
I have to say my good-byes' to loved ones, had to leave the sunny weather, awesome food, and everything nice, just to reach to a cold, chilly, snowy UK. 

Dread going to work =(

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