Friday, 4 May 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

Things are changing quite drastic lately. Though the transformation doesn't quite seem to be apparent, but it's taking place. Scarily. 

The exam date felt like it's tomorrow, the remaining training days feels like hours left, and the work, well, almost always as it is, be there or be square.

I'm no mind reader. Neither do I have six senses. Thinking that there's always a reason behind every doing, I am quite certainly right. Almost. Nearly.

And now that I'm deprived of sleep that even a receptionist says I look tired when I'm not quite, that means my eye bags are giving it off. A bus driver saying "It can't be that bad!" out of the blue signifies that it's all over my face, although I don't really quite feel it. It's probably the UK weather syndrome.

I really need a good reason to bag myself out of this. Maybe the bed, with an electric blanket could do the trick.

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