Monday, 1 October 2012

Taiwan part 1

Day 1
First stop was TaoYuan

At the High Speed Rail Train station ready for Taipei!

Tour guide gave us a task to capture the front of the train...and we DID it!

First was National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall ( 国立中正纪念堂)

With his head =.=

Then we went up to a hilltop and because I forgot the name of it, I shall just leave it ______.

Cold chicken, mushroom vermicelli and meatballs

Rice served with rib fats and pork

Next was Yehlie Geopark. I was really looking forward to this...
Until it rained so heavy that we had to retreat and didn't get to see the many other :(

Day 2

The night stay was at Na Lu Wan and apparently that's a greeting itself, meaning 'How are you?' and also 'Good bye' start with Na Lu Wan, end with Na Lu Wan :)

Some kind of gate which I don't remember what for but significant enough for us to get to the middle of the road to snap a picture :)

Then we adjourned for lunch at a super unbelievably nice place which reminds me of Perlis and Kedah because of the paddy field :D

Went to a farm area which name I've forgotten as well but you could see it on the back because I couldn't translate :P

Little ponies

Then went to a hotspring in the middle of summer which isn't very pleasant so we didn't step foot in!

To Be Continued.......

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