Saturday, 29 March 2008

29th Feb 2008

hm..exams round the corner and im only like 30% to live such life man..hopefully i can get my hands and my brain gears goin like 200kmph...

din had a good sleep yesterday well ends well...just wondering that things would go on smoothly if we dont worry too much and not debate on it n etc..being together is a means of "to-be-happy" right?far away but still together is also the same thing..further or nearer gives the same risk of obstruction to a relationship isn't it?some times, things just doesn't make sense..

pak lah and his government...the recent election...why so much of a fuss happening now?whoever wins just accept and why debate their ability of whether they can rule it out or not?a government of 50++ years doesn't mean that it's ruling is the best and constant to us...a new party comes up and still could overtake a government which had 50++ years of experience..

it is not that they don't have the mind to think of's just that they want the condition to be same as before so that they could get the best out of!?!bribe..rob...kill...murder...and the list never ending..i believe all of us have eyes and a clear mind to think of the case of the mongolian woman addressed as altantuya...najib's all over behind this and yet...everything minister commiting these kinda things are just let to go?man, may his ALLAH bless him in his future...what's with sticking up a keris and promising to fill it with the chineses blood?F*ck this man...what kind of a leader is this?!man...better step down and repent on ur sins...

hm...anywayz...gotta continue's my thought for today...and my baby worm is cuddling himself up in the couch...tsk tsk...sleeping~!peck him now and...adios!!!!

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