Saturday, 22 November 2008

23rd November 2008

Well,suppose my course does like to involve themselves in many many do I!!I'm part of it anyway...= p

Here's the first to "Global Warming" theme day...

Greens are Earth (i Think~!or tree leaves??!)
Browns are Tree Bark
Blacks are Fungus

Next up is the Hawaii Theme Day..I wore..(again~..) my yellow floral printed dress..I've come to realized how handy my this dress comes many many ways..

And and and then...we had BBQ nite n Steamboat nite at our hse!!!

We had steamboat for 2 consecutive lurvin it!!tomyam tomyam cube soup~!

Had a blast of time BBq-ing through the night in sweat n smoke!!marshmellows are nice...

Last but not least...the best among the rest...was a dine in at Jogoya..
Well,the main reason we're not that reluctant to dig into our pockets to spend a huge amount of about RM60 per person for the girls becuz it's half-priced!!!For the current promotion period till Dec the 19th..and it cost about RM110 for the guys..EACH...

Oh gosh..resist u can't..= p
Gals better Hope on down while the offer is still on..this comes like once every year i think..= )

That's a lot from the others..supposedly..

Am too-too-ing to bed now..tml got church!!at 8.15am!!!God Bless..


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