Wednesday, 26 November 2008

26th November 2008

Dear darlings,

Slept quite late yesterday due to assignment time constraint..Although the dateline is somewhere in January, I wouldn't want to delay till then or else I'll be dead bottom up and down under.Exams in January!!!!!So,yeah..that's why the rush..

Just remember the last few weeks where i went back to quite a number of white hairs growing..Oh Man..still I pulled it put although the Chinese believes that pulling one out would induce another 3 strands of white hair to grow..LOLx!!

ARghh..Exams fever coming..oh my oh my oh my oh my...(fingers treambling,heart pumping, legs shaking...)

Anyway, was quite the gloomy this morning..You know,those late night sleeps don't do any good..One way or another..except that I have lesser things to write-up in my report!!!(yahooesii!!~)

Hoho,and then..due to lame boring-ness in class cause the lecturer Mr Khoo was really slow (like he took 20 mins to talk on and elaborate on just ONE..yeah ONE...ONE slide...)..i took out my beautiful Nokia6500s,plugged in my headset,placed my finger on the keypads and....

Switched on the radio!!hahaha...
Listened to it for a while like 5mins and then Hani Madu from FlyFM was on air,announcing the cue to sms for the FlyFM must watch movie: BEVERLY HILLS,tangan gatal (hand itchy-ness) go and SMS la..wat else!!

And like 1 min later,a call from 0377242609 came in..well,instinct tells me that it is,i flew (urm well,not flew la..hurried..)out from class to pick up the call..HANI MADU's on the line!!!!previously was Hafiz for the Euphoria party on down..and now again!!!my lucky day~!

So we talked a while like "You won 4 ticket passes to watch ....."
I went.."oh GREAT!!!"
She went "So,where are you now?"
I : In the middle of a class
She : Oh boy, your lecturer saw u running out?would he be mad?
I : I don't think he ever noticed..(O.-)
She : Hahaha!!alright alright, so, congratulations!!!!
I : Thanks a lot!!!!

WOW...WOW...WOW...WOW...WOW...speechless to the max...

And there goes my weekend activity to watch the movie this 29th November at Cathay cineplex Damansara at 11am...YESSSSS!!!

There goes my day...something to look for ahead..(",)

Staying back in Uni now..later got some practises coming up for the upcoming CF event..ever heard Black Art?!
Try YouTube-ing it : Black Art, Jesus I Love You...
Kinda nice and interesting..didn't know such creativeness exist...Cun man..
Like those kinda things you do when you're small..flip-floping some artsy fancy stuffs around which glows in the dark..=)
This time we're using UV light..fuiyoh..Canggih right?!So the interesting..and beautiful...

And by the way, tomorrow got a food n fair carnival sort of in charge of the bowling booth..would be nice and fun..and this is in conjunction with the Cancer Awareness Week..Bless All~!= )

So since now I still have 20 more mins before I chao for practise..I wanna do my report!!!and thus,too too darlings...

Love Love Love

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SL said...

since u hv 4 tickets, reserve one for me.. thanks yea..