Thursday, 19 May 2011

Birthday celebration

Yesterday was Mummy's birthday and Daddy had prepared a luxurious one for her! She's not in her right mind up until when we sang her Happy Birthday. 

Our conversation were as such:
Mi: Eh, look at these two girls (Me and my sister), make up for what, go down meet daddy's friend only what. Crazy..wear so nice for what!
Jonathon: Wha, you want to meet the Prince of Egypt at the lounge ah?
*whisper to Daddy and Jon to change to long pants*
Jo: Don't la Egypt, maybe Korea one's there leh..
Mi: You see me, wear so casual only. Why wear dress leh. So ma fan. Look at me, so simple and casual
Jo: -.-  OKOK. 

And until the birthday song, she said, "Aiyooo, why you don't tell me earlier. Let me wear like this. Aiyooo..." and I replied, "You see we all wear so nice already, you still confidently say, why wear like this. See me so casual.." 

My new floral dress specifically for Mummy's birthday

Daddy and Jeffrey who had helped us prepare such a memorable night

White and Red wine on the house

At the lounge with beautiful horses fountain

Me and Mummy in her very casual outfit -.-

Nie, Jonathan and Me

Live band whose girls are very very amiable!

Daddy asked me to blow the inflatable bed because he said I can blow very well cause my Facebook picture is always puffed cheeks. And mummy 'siao cha bo'! 

Family picture.. Missing Ben, Hooi Man, and Gideon =(

And shot 2!

Daddy Mummy and Birthday cakes

Jon I didn't you can play the piano and when you played, gosh, I shall let you know that I'm in awe.

Nie standing there as a beautiful assistant supporting Jon (Lols..)

And so ends the birthday celebration for mummy while she received tons of gifts from me.


Hope you had an enjoyable night and may the Lord bless you.

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