Saturday, 23 July 2011

Europe for goodness sake

"Veni, Vidi, Vici" Europe's top summer attraction countries. 
UK, Paris, Switzerland, Spain 
(I definitely don't wish I had conquered more)


Gare Du Nord - arrival port

Getting the hotel information from Daddy....

And asked for directions to the hotel..

And daddy stalked me while I'm asking.

Got the directions and off we go!

After checking into hotel, we went straight out! 

Attraction #1 - Arc de Triomph


Walking underground to go across to the Arc de Triomph.

I've got no comments on the photo and I've got no idea about the name printed on the wall.

The pretty busy road where cars just zoomed around without traffic lights whatsoever. HOW DID THEY MANAGE WITHOUT ACCIDENT?! *touch wood*

The commemoration of XXX

So Nie started this trend of taking a picture upwards with all of us inside...There's more to come.

Ugh, walking back down the tunnel to another side of the road.

Awesome possum XD

There's a little too much of day 1 so I'll keep this short and continue in the next post! :)


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