Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Working is serious...

2nd day of work and I'm so beat. First day was still kinda, easy-peasy, smooth going. 2nd day comes and the atmosphere tightens up, expecting a more determined and somber occupation. 

Picked up a few wrong ones, which was corrected later on. Well, there's always a first time right?! I'm just really thankful that my tutor is a humourous and looks seriously at what I'm doing. 

"You know the cat with paw, going *like this, like this* (demonstrates)?", "Yes, yes, why?", "What does it mean at all?", --EXPLAINS-- (hopefully it was right!), "I see, it kinda irritates me, with the paw *like this like this*". HAHAHAHHA!!

"You know in the chinese takeaway, they have this beef 'chiangmaio'...what is that?", "HUHHHH? 'chiangmaio'?? *thinks, thinks thinks* "Ahhh, you mean chow mein? That's fried noodle. Beef fried noodle that is."

And laughter burst out. LOLS!

1st day after work

And I still have the strength to cook! 

Not one that I'm happy to see but this just means I've finally graduated and I'm almost there...

2nd day of work.

And I'm too tired to cooked or even use the microwave.

Is there a difference? =)

In the meantime, my house is really quiet but the people are really nice!   


Qihua said...

fuiyoh, makan manyak rice..

Michelle said...

ur food is tempting LOL.. happy working!!

Josephine Wong said...

Qi - Hahaha! Very hungry apa!

Josephine Wong said...

lols, very simple food actually! Thanks :)