Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Paris in depth

I won't go through every details of my trip (partly because I forgot the chronology of it, but mostly because it's totally, utterly boring -.-). I'll just give you an insight on what to and what not to visit in this CITY OF ROMANCE.

Champs Elysee 
All time famous walking street for high-end shopping.

The only thing we bought was from Celio and that's because they have 70% discount!

Eiffel tower

Who wouldn't have already known Paris very prominent landmark?

This is just breathtaking. We stayed on for almost another hour despite the rain just to see the glittering lights come back on.

Louvre Museum

Just outside the museum with lots of posters.

Sparkle sparkle!

Palace of Versailles

Such a majetstic-que entrance!

And with such landscape, my enviousness extends to the late King or whosoever stayed here

Paris Disneyland

My favourite of all! So soffttt!

And I'm still holding on to it <3

I'm the chef and daddy's the .....!

Notre Dam

This is as much I would've reveal. You'll have to enter yourself to be amazed.

You won't starve to death because there's TONS of food to eat. And there're relatively low priced too!
Stop at St. Mitchel station, and there's everything there, 3 course meal at 9, 12, 19 euros, so might top you up with a small glass of complimentary wine!


That's it really. 
We hadn't quite really enjoy our trip but nonetheless, it was one to remember. Might just be the only one.

Au revoir

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