Tuesday, 16 August 2011

As they say...

Customers are more vile and bad-ass up at this branch. Having been there for only 2 days, there definitely is a difference between customers at different areas.

Last week, HAT came in with an out of date pack of medication and because there was a queue, HAT was not served yet. We apologized for that casualty but HAT yelled that HAT will bring this matter to the police if we don't give her a new pack. However, HAT has an appointment with the doctor in the surgery opposite and kept talking loudly that there's an appointment and this and that. HAT came back after a while and complained that the appointment was missed but HAT was not back for almost 30 minutes! Matter was solved with the ever so professional pharmacist in charge and hopefully HAT went back home happily!

This week, UGG came in with an owing note and the medication was ready in the collection box. UGG was not very happy because the pharmacist says that they'll call when the owing is made up but because the pharmacist in charge that day was not at that branch when the replacement pharmacist made it up, no phone calls were made and that made UGG really angry. UGG stood at the counter and wanted an apology from the pharmacist so the pharmacist went out and apologized for what's happened.

It was all a communication problem but yeah, lesson learned. 

I'm liking my job  ( =

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